Monday, September 29, 2014

The state of Michigan Football has driven me to ... write.

Sigh. You thought I'd say "drink", didn't you? Well, (as Brady Hoke starts every sentence) they drove me to drink long ago.

Anyway, I've been told once or twice that I have quite a few strong opinions when it comes to sports in general, but University of Michigan sports in particular. My Michigan friends, friendly rivals, and I trade wickedly crafted posts and comments on Facebook and Twitter regularly. Trash talking over rivalries. Basking in athletic glories. Skewering those who demean that which we hold dear. The rest of our friends and followers sit back and watch us go at it. I'm a Michigan alum, but not a head-in-the-sand Michigan loyalist, preferring to call it as I see it if I think it needs to be said. Often, our social media rants venture into detailed, fact-based analysis. More often than not, they launch into the type of sanity-saving humor that long suffering Michigan football fans need to survive the dark ages in which they live. 

More than once I've been told "You should really have your own blog!" I think about it, get excited for a moment about the prospect, then go grab a beer, get back to watching the game, and don't think about it again until the next friendly prompt.

It's time to take up that suggestion! The current state of Michigan Football, their Athletic Director Dave Brandon, and the culmination of years of relentless disappointment have finally moved me to words beyond the boundaries of Twitter's 140 characters. And I'm sure I have Facebook friends who would be happy not to see my thoughtful insights before, during, and after every soul-sucking game. 

I've never done a blog before and will be learning as I go. What it won't be is just another #Fire[insert current coach's name] bitch session. It's easy to stumble (like an injured quarterback) into that right now, but that's not all I think about. What it will be is about University of Michigan sports, their rivals, and a little about my favorite Detroit teams -- the Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings -- as well. The good, the bad, and the ugly. With any luck, the future will hold a lot more of the good than our today holds of the ugly. 

Go Blue!

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