Saturday, November 7, 2015

Harbaugh. Germs. Androids. Healthcare. Cider. A Sick Saturday Morning Stream of Consciousness

I hate being sick. It's bad enough during the week, but on a lovely fall weekend, it's the worst. I'm not miserable, mind you. Just a sore, tickly throat and a sinus thing going on that makes talking hurt and my voice sound like Demi Moore after gargling sand. Sadly, therein ends the comparison between me and Ms. Moore!
It's also messing with my brain, which explains my postless, almost tweetless week. My mind, when not in a deep, healing sleep, hasn't been capable of deep thinking on anything except my obsession with a big bowl of spicy (virus-destroyingl) Tom Yum and living 20 miles from the nearest good (well, even bad) Thai restaurant. I have yet to get the soup. I have yet to string together enough thoughts to inspire a great blog post.
Until my mind and body are back in sync, I'm going to offer up a window into my muddled brain through some slightly edited stream of consciousness as I struggle to start my Saturday. Here goes:
[Ten minutes later] God,I couldn't even stay awake to write the first sentence. There’s my phone buzzing. Oh, a favorite for my donut tweet. I wonder if there's still a maple-glazed downstairs? I should get out of bed and go watch Game Day. Why in the [radio edit] is Advair so expensive? I don't even know where Game Day is. Wireless is so slow upstairs. Xfinity bites. I am such a slug. Need more water, not more coffee. Good thing I turned down the Rutgers game today. I must not feel well if missing it doesn't even faze me. Jim Caldwell reminds me of Brady Hoke. He's not aware. Mike Riley is Nebraska's Bready Hoke. I like that my tablet associated Brady with bready. Ambulatory carbohydrates. How cool is it that the Beileins coached against each other? Juice. That would taste so good. Or cider. Why does Android auto-correct always think thge misty eyed [mistyped] word is right and the correct word shown is o thge left and not aotmatically corected? The donut was a bad choice. Sugar spike. I don't really want a hamburger tonight. German sounds better. Kid’s birthday, kein Metzger’s für uns heute Abend. There had better be a TV with the game on. Jim Bob Cooter is like the Waltons and Dukes of Hazzard collided and not in a good way. I remember the Rutgers game last year. Miracle? My TV survived Michigan 2014. Looked back at old posts and didn't even mention that heinous result. I should write a sentence starting with “Jim” based on Android autocorrect and predictive text suggestions: Jim Harbaugh has probably turned that in New Zealand. Alrighty, then. I have no idea what that says about me. That was fun! Let's try it again with “I”: I lost like they're shutting down academic Department for years to become a Dantonio. I am sicker than I thought. Must get up. This Android word suggestion thing could be writing crack. I can't see my lawn for all the leaves. Will we see Speight today? This is a big spread and I don't know if we'll beat it. PTSD from last year. Have faith. This should be another shutout. Shoutout! To whom I do not know. Martha Ford. I hope to be 90 and rich and feisty. More cojones than William Clay. Settle for 55 and rich. Pisses me off when people say a woman shouldn't run a macho thing like a football team. Like MEN have done so well with the Lions! I would pull out my own fingernails before getting on a Russian airplane. Glad my man likes my sports knowledge. Except when I learn about big MLB trades before him. David Price. Is Mike Babcock having fun in Toronto yet? Lidstrom. So great. Something other than IKEA worshipped both here and in Sweden. Hockey Hall of Fame, sorry, not fun unless you like sweaters and sticks. Conn-Smythe the best. Maple leaves. Canada. Ordered Strepsils from Canada because they're the best for sore throats. Why are Strepsils not in the US??? Why can't the U.S. have nice things like good OTC drugs? I love Shoppers Drug Mart. Or Hy and Zel's in Mississauga. Why am I still in bed? Game Day is over. Okay, I'll get going. Must start prepping 80 care packages for soldiers. 3:30 is coming quickly and then payback for last year. Feeling it. The things our soldiers request is breaking my heart. Warm bedding. Socks. This is 2015, not Washington at Valley Forge. Need something special for the Michigan soldier stuck living with Buckeyes and ‘Bama fans in APO BFE. Fighting the enemy. Living with them. He needs a big M flag. Should I assume he's an M fan? Do I care? Would sending a remote Spartan "M" gear make me a Tokyo Rose ... or be a kindness offered to a misguided soul far from home? Mike Riley could use a win today. Veiled MSU disrespect. If you say it, it's not so veiled, is it? My feet are on the floor. Open enrollment. Crap. Worst type of shopping ever. Stretching. Coughy. Coffee gone, so water it is. Up. Into this Maize and Blue day!
That experience was really cathartic. I highly recommend it.
My Android wanted to wish you the best for this day: 
Have a great Michigan football income supports all day and Harbaugh has to let us back as good carelessly fans and Harbaugh does not otherwise in Ann Arbor today!
I can say it a little better:
Go Blue! Beat Rutgers! Durkin Donuts (and hamburgers, it seems) for dinner!

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